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FFDNO started in Afghanistan

We have entered into a cooperation with the Afghan NGO Afghanistan Democracy and Development Organization (ADDO).

Our joint project is aimed at 150 students (25 students per class, 2 classes at 3 schools) at secondary schools in the cities of Kabul, Bamyan, and Balkh.

The aim is to promote the acquisition of life design skills within the scope of the individual opportunities of young women. This includes raising the awareness of the pupils about their personal opportunities and chances in the job. The knowledge of thier own skills and competencies should be strengthened. Young women’s view of their own bodies is also an important part of the project. It is about understanding and accepting one's own body through the teaching of scientific connections. This is an important prerequisite for overcoming restrictive pubic barriers. The pupils should be empowered to take advantage of the existing health care offers.
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