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13. Nov
Literary Evening “Empowerment and Peace Education”
Café Nerly Erfurt | 19:00

with Sumaya Farhat-Naser

10. Dec
Introduction of the association
Universität Erfurt | 18:00
04. Dec
Advent market
Frauenzentrum Erfurt | 18:00
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About us

Who are we?

We are a newly founded association based in Erfurt, Germany, comprised of women with different cultural heritages like Turkish, Kurdish, Iraqi, Iranian, Afghan, Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Palestinian, Egyptian, or German, and with a connection to Israel.  Our members are women entrepreneurs, academics, students, trainees, newly arrived migrants, women who have been living in Thuringia for many years – in short: our association represents the broad spectrum of committed women in various generations and with different backgrounds.

What we strive to achieve?

Within the framework of our association, we endeavor to promote social, livelihood, and civic projects by/for/with women. The projects are primarily about an individual, maybe even small scaled cooperations with women in the Middle Eastern countries because we believe that there are enough political creeds. There is too much being said, but also less action has been taken. Women are key players – in the family, in the structures of society, and increasingly in political functions. We want to notably support disadvantaged women from Germany and offer our support in places where otherwise no help is provided.

Why are we committed?

We believe that the countries of the Arab Oriental world are strongly influenced by male-oriented, one-sided religious images in perception, and political action. Women are often portrayed with the impression of playing a secondary, less active, and almost insignificant role. This is where we want to position ourselves as an association. With our help, women should have their voices heard, become visible and perceptible, especially those whose lives, everyday lives, and activities otherwise play no public role. We want to convey self-confidence, develop ideas for the economic existence of needy women, and provide education and opportunities for self-help. Since fleeing and displacement will continue to be one of the most essential challenges of world politics in the coming decades, we want to work to counter the one-sided images with a second side – namely that of women from the Middle East.


For our association to be effective, we rely on project funds and donations. You can contribute to supporting us with donations directly via PayPal or by bank transfer. If you are interested in long-term cooperation, you also have the opportunity to become a member of our association.

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Person to contact:

Medine Yilmaz

+49 (0) 163 3649132

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