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Meeting with the Afghan Minister of Information and Culture

Approaching towards the end of her trip in Afghanistan, our representative, Tahora Husaini, visited the Minister of Information and Culture in Afghanistan, Hasina Safi, to introduce our association Women for the Middle East.
Ms. Safi was delighted to learn more about the association and supported our project endeavors.
For the past three decades, Ms. Safi has been advocating for initiatives dedicated to empowering women. "I started working in the field of women empowerment inside the refugee camps in Pakistan when I was 15 years old. My daughter is now over 15 years," she said while grinning.
She believes that many positive changes took place concerning the situation of women in the country, but women could further benefit from an increased political awareness. For Afghan women to succeed and actively partake in leading positions, they must be empowered to join political discussions and address their issues professionally.
Ms. Safi suggested that prospective projects in collaboration with our association might focus on our collaborative efforts to support women in rural areas, where efforts are most needed.